Mental Health Curriculum for Children Ages 13 – Adult

A Workbook for Children Ages 13 – Adult

"Building Resilience to Depression and Anxiety"

This 15 lesson workbook serves as a curriculum for teachers and parents as well as individuals. There are free lesson plans for each chapter which can be completed as individual activities or in a classroom setting.  The book focuses on helping people of all ages deal with anger, grief and reject.  This book is age appropriate for age 13 to adult.

Behind the Mask: Dealing with Anger, Grief, and Rejection is a workbook for ages 13 to adult. The lessons are targeted as a high school curriculum to be used across the board for all students. The purpose is to help students learn the importance of being authentic with others and themselves. It teaches the reader to identify what it is they need, and how to ask for help in getting their needs met.

The reader learns that outward expressions are not necessarily a true projection of how one feels inwardly. A story is presented about a boy who has lost his mother in a car accident after she was hit by a drunk driver. The boy and his father are left alone with their grief, each afraid of losing the other. The reader will observe the stages of grief and the effects life's impacts has on each of us. Examples of the five powerful life impacts of genetics, experiences, physical injury, psychological trauma, and environmental loss are presented.

A contrast between mental health and physical health is given, with an emphasis on the importance and similar process needed to care for both. Healthy mental health is presented in a four-way test: 1) do you realize your potential; 2) can you cope with the normal stresses of life; 3) can you work productively; and, are you making a contribution to your community.

The reader learns specifically about depression and anxiety and the possible escalation to anger. One is made aware of the symptoms that can cause an inability to cope. It is stressed that resilience can be built and comes from within. Resilience factors are presented which include: 1) connecting through caring relationships; 2) being aware of your emotions; 3) keeping your mind active through learning; 4) staying physically fit; and, 5) realizing your purpose and power to pursue it.

The workbook ends with the characters who were challenged behind their mask. Once they remove their mask, they find ways to satisfy the four-way test and build resilience to become resilient, productive members of society.

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Available in Paperback or Digital Copy. 

Behind the Mask


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