Research Results

3rd and 4th Grade Students from West Virginia reviewed Making Sense of Me Children's Workbook

"It made me nicer."

"It was awesome because it inspired me."

"I liked that it made us think about our thoughts."

"I learned that thoughts can affect your words and actions."

"I liked talking about my emotions."

"I learned why we feel the way we do."

"I didn't know that you could take memories and make new ones."

"I learned how different people have different memories."

"I liked when the emotion meter shows how you are feeling."

"It made me feel smart."

"I learned how we are the same as flowers."

"I learned we can work together to keep hope."

"I liked it because people tried to get hope back to Ethan."

"It taught me how to state my feelings."

"I learned how to give hope when something bad happens."

"I liked that I have power to give hope."

Educator Inservice Review

"I want to purchase your workbook for my entire school next year."  West Virginia Principal

"Your services are very much neded in our state."   West Virginia Principal, West Virginia Safe School Summit

"Your program has made a difference for my students!" West Virginia 4th Grade Teacher

"You helped me to understand how to empower young men and women to take away their shame."  Virginia Health Ed Teacher, Virginia State Health/PE Institute

"Your presentation was wonderful."  Virginia Elementary School Teacher

"We are currently working on the Awesome Blossom lesson. I had a student who had a parent pass away that we didn't confirm before, and he had a little bit of a breakthrough one day with everyone. When we talked about imagination we talked about how he can help us have empathy for other people, and he started crying. All of my kids gathered around and gave him hugs and told him they were sorry to hear about his dad. Before that day he really wasn't doing very much classwork and he was behind in all of his classes. A week after that all of his classwork was caught up and he was on track and very proud of himself. I know that might not have been the goal of the program but it's definitely made a difference for at least one of my students. They all really look forward to the lessons and activities. Thanks for sharing this program with us."   West Virginia Public School Teacher, 4th Grade

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