Mental Health Resources

Resources for Parents, Educators, Clergy, Civic Leaders, General Public

Diana has taken every opportunity to develop mental health resources to help bring the subject of mental health out of the shadows — to fix systems she knew from her own experience were stacked against children, teachers, and parents.

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A Child of Royalty

A Child of Royalty, An Inspired Message of Hope in Mastering Mental Health

A Memior



Making Sense of Me Workbook

Making Sense of Me, A Children's Workbook: Building Resilience to Depression and Anxiety

Ages 7-13
Available in Paperback or E-Book Format

Available by Chapter



White Paper

Lesson Plans for Making Sense of Me Children's Workbbok

Lesson objectives and exercises for parents and teachers to administer with the workbook.

White Paper

Mastering Mental Health Guide

Tips to Mastering Mental Health for general audiences.

Audio File My Personal Testimony MMH FREE


These resources were developed by a survivor to be used to help identity your strong and weak areas in order to better manage your whole mental well-being.

These resources are not a modification or a replacement to your professional treatment.  If you have a mental illness or any of the following symptoms for a pro-longed period, please seek professional help or call 2-1-1. 

  1. Marked personality change
  2. Feeling very fragile, anxious, depressed
  3. Marked changes in sleeping patterns
  4. Thinking or talking about suicide
  5. Marked changes in eating habits
  6. Excessive anger or hostility
  7. Substance or alcohol abuse
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